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    Are you a data scientist or researcher in the business of open-ended data analysis and research? Would you like to get the full power of R without having to learn R?

    The Causal Analytics Toolkit (CAT) is a full capability, causal modeling workbench

    optimized for exploratory investigation and research. CAT is a downloadable Excel  add-on which exercises back-end R packages, enabling data scientists to utilize the power of R without having to invest time and effort in learning R. CAT's seamless integration with Excel augments the statistical power of R with the full range of Excel mathematics and presentation capabilities.

    CAT is optimized for discovery of conditional dependencies between variables in large data sets and supports a broad range of techniques, including:

    • Bayesian Network Analysis, with Importance and Sensitivity Plots

    • Regression Modeling, including Classification Trees based on Random Forest clustering and classification techniques

    • Time Series Causal Modeling based on Granger Tests and various methods of  regression lag control