Model to Predict Outcomes

    • Bayesian Simulations

    • OR Process Models

    • Multivariate Optimization


    DataMi is a leading provider of predictive industry solutions using causal analysis and machine learning to discover and quantify the key causes driving your most persistent challenges. We look beneath your business intelligence and other data to expose insights into business dynamics that would otherwise go undetected.  Once codified, these significant causal drivers form the basis for predictive simulation engines that can be used in real time for decision support in your business operations - both models for "what if" reasoning or moment-to-moment prediction of outcomes as events unfold.

    We engineer our solutions for practical value and seamless integration into the workplace. Our deliverables are the means to an end; we measure our success by the impact of our work on your business. Our unique tools and experience give our clients a competitive advantage not offered by the competition. 

    Discover and Predict




    Causal Analytics Toolkit


    It's Not What We Observe

    It's the Causes Beneath What We Observe
    That Drive Prediction, Simulation, and Control



    Find and Quantify Significant Causes

    • Bayesian Networks

    • Random Forest

    • Granger Techniques

    • Partial Sensitivity/ICE Plots


    • Exploratory Investigation Tool

    • Advanced Data Imputation 

    • Power of R Without Training

    • Seamless Integration with Excel

    • Rapid Single Click Causal Analysis

    • Comprehensive View of Causal Drivers Behind Survey Results

    • Graphic Output