Competition is increasing in today's global markets, and the winners - the disruptors with new business paradigms - are the folks who make better use of information and data. Are you seeking to improve the performance and efficiency of your team to meet this competition? Are you drowning in data but unable to analyze or gain actionable insights from it?

    Data Aggregation is the "elbow grease" - the prerequisite data preparation - behind all predictive analytics. Our engagements almost always require analysis of data from unintegrated sources, and our clients almost always need our help with assembly of that information into a form suitable for analysis. Because this entails reaching across enterprise data silos, it is not unusual for DataMi solution delivery to also assist with enterprise data strategy and infrastructure issues.


    BI/Data Warehousing - For real-time

    decision support and  simulation models

    we can put in place the data streaming

    for these calculations. These solutions

    can range across a broad range of

    complexity - from simple propagation

    into a data warehouse to Big Data


    Master Data Management (MDM) -

    Occasionally client data aggregation

    requires creation of an enterprise

    data model that spans multiple

    divisions or lines of business. DataMi

    professionals have extensive

    experience with MDM, and the

    metadata definition and data inventory

    work that MDM solutions entail.